1. Learn to fly with Our New BagJump Air Bags!
  3. New for 2014/2015! we’ve added 15x15 Ample BagJump air bag to our box of freestyle toys.  The BagJump air bag are a variation of the landing bags originally used by Hollywood stuntmen.  Redesigned to be used as a training tool for skiers and snowboarders, they’ll allow you to catch your first airs or dial in those big tricks with the safety of a soft cushioned landing.
  5. Parkslope BagJump:
  6. Located on the bottom of the slope number 9.
  7. Suitable for Intermediate Skiers & Snowboarders
  8. Hours of Operation:
  9. - On christmas holidays, every day: 12.00 - 15.00
  10. - You Can also rent BagJump
  12. *BagJump operations are subject to daily snow and weather conditions.  For the most up-to-date information on opening statuses and operating hours please be sure to check the daily Mountain Report
  14. 2014/2015 BagJump Pricing:
  15. - 3 Jumps - 100kr
  16. - Unlimited Day Pass - 200kr
  17. - Unlimited Season pass - 1600kr
  18. - Tickets for the BagJumps are sold at the reception.
  19. - A separate BagJump Waiver is required for participation. 
  20. - Children under the age of 18 will require parents or guardians signature.
  22. Guidelines & Important Information:
  23. - You Must wear a HELMET.
  24. - A BagJump Participation Waiver will be completed and handed in at the ticket window.
  25. - Participants must be able to ski or snowboard to a level where you are comfortable with going straight and gaining speed.
  26. - You Must commit to the jump by carrying enough speed to clear the takeoff – No stopping on the jump or carving off the sides.
  27. - No broken ot sharp racing equipment allowed on the bags.
  28. - No Ski Poles are Allowed
  29. - You should have some prior experience with jumping on skis or snowboards
  30. - BagJump attendants will have the right to refuse participants from jumping if any of the above guidelines are not followed
  31. - Download our BagJump waiver here.