Calendar of events

Our events are

20.12 Svanstein Opening
24.-25.12 Svanstein Christmas
26.12 Boxing day party
31.12 New Years Eve party
1.-8.01 Russian New Year & Christmas
10.-20.01 Aurora Borealis weeks and excursions
10.01 & 17.01 Vertical meter race for skiers and snowboarders
07.02 Powdersurf weekend (Gentemstick/Nadasurf test center) February spring opening party
07.02 Svanstein Cup pt.1 VOL 2.0
14.02 Svanstein Speedskiing contest
21.02 Svanstein Cup pt.2 VOL 2.0
26.02-01.03 Miss Arctic Circle + Snowmobile contest
07.03 Svanstein Cup Finals 2.0
13.-14.03 Treeride World Championships
21-22.03 Kids Miniski weekend
28.-29.03 Ladies Ski weekend
03.-06.04 Easter week
10.-11.04 The First Annual Finland VS. Sweden Battle
08.-19.4 SuperPark Week
30.4-3.5 Labour day party!
Slushy, sunny slopes and lots of things to do for everyone. After ski is going to be huge!

Events in brief

Svanstein Opening 20.12.2014

As grand opening, Svanstein Ski welcomes hundreds of skiers and snowboarders to enjoy for opening of the ski resort with big party and fireworks. Opening day offers different activities for different ages like slalom for kids, snowboarding and skiing session on park, BagJump for tricksters, campfire, fireworks,  big party at Barfoot, bands, dj’s and special local food. Music is playing all day and night with show host. Also we heard that Santa is coming with reindeers. Also small christmas market!


Svanstein Christmas 24.-25,12.2014

Svansteins atmospheric Christmas consists of comfortable doing and good local food. Lifts will be open for 6 hours. Lots of magical atmosphere in the air and nice activities for all. Santa has also hided some gifts around ski resort and there will be a gift hunt!


Boxing day 26.12.2014

After eating a lot, it’s time to get rid of the Christmas kilos. Svanstein Ski Boxing day offers nice slopes and big party at Barfoot with DJ's!


New Year Eve 31.12.2014

Time to say goodbye for year 2014 with style! Slope will be open until 00.00AM and invited snowboarders and skiers will make a spectacular jumping show with fire and fireworks. Sledding hill is also on high usage. Barfoot offers a big mashquerade party that customers will never forget! DJ Kniif playing music!


Russian New Year & Christmas 01.-08.01.2015

These days are full of different kind of options to do. Sledding hill contest, slalom contest, reindeer sledge rides, dog rides etc.


Aurora Borealis weeks and excursions 10.-20.01.2015

Swedish Lapland and Svanstein is the best place to see good and magical Aurora Borealis. We sell excursions for nearby cities and villages and gather people with bus rides to experience Aurora Borealis in Svanstein. We do hikes to top of the mountain in evening time and of course there is magical parties that suite for northern lights.

Vertical meter race for skiers and snowboarders 17.01.2015

A race for the enthusiasts. The person who has the most vertical meters will win the whole pot of entrance fees. Entrance fee for this contest is 200 kronors. The race time is 7 hours. The contest participants will be stamped with the race sheet at the bottom and top. People in the contest will have their own lift line.


Powder Surf weekend & February spring opening party 07.02.2015

At this time of the winter, the deep powder is here. It’s time to have guided powder trips around mountain with snowshoes. New models of snowboards and skis for powder to test. Also it’s time for spring opening party!


Svanstein Cup (07.02.2015, 21.02.2015, 07.03.2015)

This Cup is for young skilled skiers and snowboarders on close by area. It’s all about challenging each other and yourself while having fun together. TOP3 of the cup wins 1000€ prize money and sponsors equipment.
Svanstein cup which has strong traditions from the beginning of founding Svanstein. Svanstein cup is a 3 contest series which you can only win by entering all 3 contests. The Svanstein cup is a jam format where athletes can show their best skills to win the cup. There is no limit in the Svanstein cup, you can ride snowboard or skis and the best rider will win. Svanstein cup will be jugded and they have the special judging system to define the best rider and showman.


Svanstein Speedskiing contest 14.02.2015

For the first time since 1996 world Championships in Svanstein. We organize a Speed skiing contest for snowboarders and skiers! Svanstein Ski offers a black slope that gives lots of speed to the contest. Record of the slope is made by Kalevi “häkä” Häkkinen, 189km/h with skis. That is something to conquer!


Miss Arctic Circle + Snowmobile Contest 26.02.-01.03.2015

It’s all about surviving in northern conditions and of course, the beauty. There is an open trial to get in and in the finals will be 12 participants. Open party is in secret location and last 2 days are at Svanstein Ski. Girls need to go through 8 tasks and they get points by judges all the time.
The snowmobile contest is a hillclimbing format of Svanstein Ski number 1 Speedskiing slope. Lots of speed, beauty and extreme in this weekend!


Treeride World Championships 13.-14.03.2015

The Treeride World Tour 2015 gets the final climax in snowy forests of Svanstein Ski in Sweden, after the evergreen trees of Syötekeskus in Finland and the dense birchjungle of Tamok Valley in northern Norway in beginning of spring season.
TWT is open for all men and women over 18 years of age. Boarders and skiers compete in the same class.
Participants score points to Treeride World Ranking and Treeride World Champions for women and men will be crowned after the last stop of the tour in Svanstein Ski. You will have to compete against names like Johan Olofsson and Tero Ainonen. Good luck to you!


Kids Miniski weekend 21.-22.03.2015

Barfoot the mascot and many different activities. Marketed to close by villages and towns families to come and enjoy fresh air and the joy of doing things together. Activities such as Find Barfoot, different kind of skiing competitions, sledding, BagJump, painting etc.


Ladies Ski weekend 28.03.2015

This weekend is all about ladies. All women get their tickets and ski rental -50%. Different activities for ladies (such as yoga). Also promotion from nearby villages and towns for beauty.


Easter weekend 03.-06.04.2015
This weekend gathers people from near and far to enjoy Svanstein Ski:s facilities and springs slushy slopes. Weekend offers different kind of activities to all.


The First Annual Finland VS. Sweden Battle 10.-11.04.2015

Judges pick one guy from both countries to gather their own 6 headed team to fight for the crown of Svanstein Ski. Is it Finland or Sweden that wins the fight? Teams need to film a small, 3min video and they fight also in different kind of competitions in the mountain. Judges give points from videos and from winning the competitions. Videos will also be online for audience to give points for teams.


SuperPark Week 08.-19.4.2015

Park has major updates for this week. This week offers to different teams the possibility to come and film big stuff in Svanstein Ski. Also big snowboarding medias are gathered to take photoshoots to their magazines and websites.


Labour day party! 30.4-3.5.2014

Slushy, sunny slopes and lots of things to do for everyone! After ski is going to be huge


Svanstein ski holds the right for possible changes in the calendar.